Chinese New Year Festival

Happy new year!!

Hello every body. Welcome to Thailand. In February Thailand's major festivals. Chinese New Year Festival

Chinese New Festival in Nakhon Sawan

 Chinese New Festival in Nakhon Sawan is a grand celebration full of excitement throughout 11-day-period of the festival. The festivities are held in honour of Chao Poh Pak Nam Pho. The procession comes with spectacular acrobatic performances such as climbing up an over 10-metre pole to get the money reward on the top. Local people will pay homage to Chao Phor and Chaoe Mae Pak Nam Pho, the guardian spirits of Nakhon Sawan province. Also, the visitors are invited to take part in merit-making activities at Lan Boon Thepachao, the Garden of Chinese Deities.

 Wish you happy holidays at Thailand.


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