“Wondering Nakornsawun Chinese New Year – Celebration for 84 years of H.M. The King”

“Wondering Nakornsawun Chinese New Year – Celebration for 84 years of H.M. The King”
Date: January 27 - February 7, 2011 (12 days)
Venue: Nakornsawun Province

- merit yard of deity's garden, revising bad things, changing bad fortune through a ceremony according to Chinese's belief
- Lantern sculpture yard (12 constellations, angels, god of dragon)
- Floating stage with special effect of sound and light
- dancing water curtain and performances over the water (Chao Phraya River)
- China Town is represent for many Chinese cultural from various district in Nakornsawun province such as an auspicious Chinese alphabet writing for giving out to participants, a Chinese prophesy (Huang Jui) by skillfully profession, making and selling Chinese's tea etc.
- Chinese and international food fair
- City decorations to celebration for 84 years of H.M. The King (honor arch and exhibition)
- Lantern Festival in the whole town
- Countrywide dressing with Chinese dress campaign

Highlight Activities
- Chinese cultural performances, like Chinese opera and jugglery from Sui Ning city, Se Chuan province on...
- Night parade on February, Saturday 5, 2011
- Day parade on February, Sunday 6, 2011

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  1. The parade is so beautiful with all those Chinese lanterns up there. It spells a lot about Thai culture.

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