The Emerld Buddha (Phara Kaew Morakot)

The Emerld Buddha is carved form a large piece of green jade.The size of the Emerald Buddha is 66 centimertres high and 48.3 centimetres wide at the kness.It is in a seated position in the attitude of meditation, right leg folded over the left and both hands pleaced in the lap. It was the style of the Chiang San School of the north Thailand. It was first discoverer in chiang Rai in the reign of King Tiloknatha (1441-1487)who brought it to Chiang Mai in 1481.

In 1551 Chaichettha was the king of Laos took the Buddha image to Luang and then
to Vientiane which became the capital of Laos. The Buddha image remained there till 1778.

When 1778 King Rama I Phra Phuttha Yod Fa Chula Lok was a compaign over Laos. He had brough it back at Wat Arun in Thon Buri, the capital at the time.

When King Rama I constructed Wat Phra Sri Ratana Sasadaram within the Grand Palace at Ratanakosin.

So on the 5th March, 1785, the Emerald Buddha was transferred from Wat Arun and brought it to Wat Phra Kaew and then enshrined in the Phra Ubosoth to the present site.

The Buddha image was placed high on a golden throne made of gilt carved wood. The Emerald Buddha has three customs, one for each season, one for summer, one for winter and one for the rainy season, all made of gold and jewerlry. The ceremony of changing the customs of the Emerald Buddha takes place three times a year with the King performing the ceremony.

source : Tourist Guide to Thailand book,
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