Convocation Hall (Phra Ubosoth)

This is Phra Ubosoth or convocation hall for the Buddhist clergy. This Ubosoth
was built in 1782-1785 (2325-2328 B.E.) by King Rama I for enshring the Emerald Buddha, the external walls of Ubosoth are covered with gold stucco and coloured mosaics. These figured of lions are standing as door guardians and sample of Thai Chinese-culture mix while on the internal wall are describing the life of the Buddha and other subjects. Entry to the chapel is on the east side. Inside the Convocation Hall containing the Emerald Buddha, there also are other interesting items:

The gold-covered wooden throne, The mother-of-pearl door-panels, The large standing crowned Buddha images dedicated King Rama I and king Rama II , A small bronze Buddha called Phra Sambuddhapanni created by king Rama IV, The crowned Buddha images in bronze in the attitude of calming the ocean, Mural painting inside Ubosoth and bronze lion door-guardians.

source : Tourist Guide to Thailand book,
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