9 Sacred Places

Date: January 1-31, 2011
Venue: 9 sacred places around Rattanakosin Royal Squre, Bangkok

Activities: Blessing and paying homage to a Buddha image at 9 royal temples. Donation things to religious places for peace of mind according to Thai beliefs. It’s also learning about Thai valuably historical places of The Rattanakosin and around areas, such as
- Sutadtephwararam temple,
- Bawornniwedwiharn temple,
- Chanasongkram temple,
- Srakate Temple,
- PhraSrirattanasartsadaram temple (Wat Prakeaw),
- Prachaetupolwimolmangklaram temple (Wat Pho)
- Kanlayanamit temple
- Arunratchawararam temple (Wat Jang)
- Rakangkositaram temple.

For more information:
Event Promotion Division, Tourism Thailand
Tel. 0 2250 5500 ext. 3471
Website: www.9wat.net

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