Thailand officially the kingdom, land of the free, was known as Siam until May 111,1949. The word Thai means “freedom” in Thai language and is also the name of the majority Thai ethnic group. It is the only Southeast Asian Country never to have been colonized by western power.

In the past, Thai society was very simple: the people were kind and always smiled. We were called “Siam Muang Yim”.

Thai believe the head is the most sacred part of the body. The feet are considered as the basest part of the body don’t rest your feet or put your shoes on the table.

Thais feel strongly about the religion, so don’ were your short clothes to a temple, don’ climb over the Buddha images and off your shoes before entering a temple

The traditional Thai greeting is the “wai” the hands are brought together in front of the chin.

Thai geographical Thailand located in the Southeast Asian on the gulf of Thailand, the Andaman Sea and covering an area of 513,115sq. km. and shares boundaries with Myanmar on the west and Northwest, Laos on the east and Northeast Cambodia on the Southeast and Malaysia on the South.Topographical Thailand is divided into four natural regions.

The North is a mountainous region comprising natural forest.Central Thailand is the basin of the Chao Phraya River It is the richest and most extensive rice producing area in the country and has often been called the “Rice Bowl of Asia”.

The Northeast region is know as “Isan”. The Northeast is a huge region with over 20 millions inhabitants; the most of them are engaged in agriculture.

The Southern region is hill to mountainous with thick forest and rich deposits of mineral and ores. This region is the centre for the production of rubber. The South’s wealth has been based for centuries on its rubber and tin industries.

The attraction places are Phuket Island, Koh Samui Krabi, Hatyai and Songkhla playing supporting roles.

Climate in Thailand is warm and rather humid tropical country and with long hours
of sunshine. There are three seasons: summer season from March to May, rainy season
from June to October, winter season from November to February.

The population of Thailand is approximately 64,233,001 million (2005). The population includes 75% Thai, 11% Chinese 3.5% Malays and also Mon, Khmer, Lao, Karen minorities, Vietnames, Indian and others.

Uddhism, the national religion is the professed faith of 94.6 percent of the population. Theravada Buddhism is the stats religion. practically all-Thai males enter monkhood once in their lifetime to study the teachings of Lord Buddha.

Thai food blends five fundamental taster: sweet, spicy sour, bitter and salty. Some common ingredients used in Thai cooking include garlic, chilles, limejuice, fish sauce, coriander and basil etc.

The standard currently unit is the baht, and it is divided into on hundred units called stang. Coins aer used as 25 stang. 50 stang, 1 bath, 2 bath, 5 bath,
10 bath and paper currency is issued as 50 bath, 100 bath, 500 bath and 1000 bath.

The national anthem is played on all ceremonial occasions of nation importance
and while the national flag is being raised each morning at 08.00 and lowered each evening at 06.00 p.m.

Thailand’s national flag ceremoniously raised each morning at 08.00 and lowered each evening at 06.00 p.m. in every town. Tree colours of Thai flag are red band meaning of nation white band meaning of religions and blue band meaning of monarchy.

source : Tourist Guide to Thailand book,
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