Koh Chang Island (the "Elephant Island")

Don't confuse this Island with the other Koh Chang Island in the
“Province of Trad” in Thailand, which is situated on the eastern
coast near "Rayong", in the Gulf of Thailand.

This is Koh Chang Island - the Elephant Island - at the west coast
of Thailand, close by "Ranong", in the Andaman Sea.

Koh Chang is to be reached within a one hour boat trip from Ranong at
the “Ranong Islands Pier”, which is situated at the end of Sapaan Plaa
Road. Have a closer look a the city map to locate yourself.

What about the Elephant?
Koh Chang is named after an Elephant, as its shape looks like a relaxing

Those who like to enjoy a holiday away of hotels, shopping malls and any
traffic on wheels, will find Koh Chang is the perfect hide away island.
Enjoy at Koh Chang pure nature and the relaxed traditionel spirit of
southern Thai people.

At the island are several beaches, where “Ao Yai”, translated as the
“Big Bay”, is definitely the biggest one. At this 4 km stretched beach,
which is ideal for swimming, about 15 present resorts offer cosy basic
to more luxurious accommodation.

More beaches of Koh Chang you will find at the bays of "Ao Hornbill",
"Ao Contex", "Ao Laetawan", "Ao Kai Tao", “Ao Siad”, “Ao Lek”, and
“Sapaan Hin”. At these bays are one to three resorts situated, and all
offer cozy mid-range accommodation. More about staying at koh Chang,
you find at accommodation in Koh Chang.

Local Life
Deeper inland the nature of Koh Chang is full of lush evergreen vegetation
and remained jungle.
The local people make their living besides tourism by fishing, growing
cashews and sator beans, and by farming rubber plantations.
The main roads in Koh Chang are by boat and going along the beach, and
therefore there are no motorbikes for rent. You just won’t need them!

source : http://www.kohchang-ranong.com/koh_chang/about.htm

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