Transport in Bangkok, Thailand

Ferry Services are traveling by ferry. A fun to cross the Chao Phraya river operates a regular boat service up and down Chao Phraya river.

Chao Phraya express boat operates a regular boat service up and down rive. Fares are very cheap. The new Chao Phraya Tourist boat uses more comfortable boat serving just those piers of interest to the tourists.

Bangkok Travel Guide: When visiting Bangkok, keep in your mind that the National is Thai atone language with its own alphabet. You may find many Thais who speak enough English for you to communicate with.

When visiting the grand Place and most Buddhist temples, one must be dressed respectfully: No shots, no open shoulder shirts and sandals are permitted.

The most Bangkok Citizens are quite formal, especially in regard to the manner of dress. One must be dressed appropriately to get into most indoor venues.

Thais are almost always Buddhist, reflecting the strong cultural influence from Buddhism. Bangkok is full of small reminders of strong influence of Thai Buddhism across all societal level.

Most Bangkok residents are Thai, though many are immigrants from China. The Chinese must change their name to a Thai name, usually incorporating their original family name.
Bangkok Jam Traffic (Rot-Tid) is Legendary and new transport development like extend freeway, sky-train serving central Bangkok and underground is near completion.

source:: Toruist Guide to Thailand book.
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