Ratanakosin Island #1

Ratanakosin Island is the most heavily visited area, Bangkok’s old city lying on the eastern bank of Chao Phraya river. Here you’ll find historical architecture such as the Grand palace, Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Pho, wat MahaThat, The Golden Mount, Wat Suthat and Wat Ratchanaddaram etc. The city’s founding pillar is found this district including the National Museum, National theatre and the Sanam Luang area is the Political capical of Thailand.

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Backpackers head to the banglamphu and The wet aeras, behind the Democracy Monument, with guesthouses and cheap restaurants.

You may wants to visit to Bangkok. You may choose to attend a Thai Kick-boxing match where you may lose yourself with all of the available displays.

Bangkok Attractions: There area many attraction for you to experience while traveling about Bangkok. Sometimes, you may want to book a tour, so that you can catch all of the sites. This is an advance as you can go and see in more details those sights that particularly appealed to you.

source:: Toruist Guide to Thailand book. Thailand-sawasdee.blogspot.com
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