Plan of Wat Phra Sri Ratana Sasadaram

I. Plan of Wat Phra Sri Ratana Sasadaram
1. A Patron Rup Rushi
A Patron is hermit doctor statue of the father of Thai herbal medicine. The Patron regarded as protecting a particular person or place is the patron saint of travelers. The figure is a seated hermit patron of Thai Medicine. The patron is behind the ordination hall (Phra Ubosoth) which enshrined the Emerald Buddha. It was made in the time of king Rama III.

2. Cloisters with Mural Paintings (Phra Rabiang)
Cloisters can be compared to the temple walls Paintings were the first done in the regin of the King Rama I. The Mural Paintings consist of 178 sections. This is a poem describing scenes from the Ramakien epic in each section. Here is a very brief statement of the story. The Enclosure gallery with mural painting surrounding the Phra Ubosoth shows the Ramakien story, the Indian the Ramayana.

Tosakanth, the King of Demous kidnaps Sita, queen of Phra Rama to Lonka city, where he thinks that she may fall in love with him.

Tosakanth asks his many relatives and friends to participate with him in the battles, in the same way, King Rama has a monkey army and great monkey warrious under his command. In the last.the King Rama wins a victory over Tosakanth and takes Sita to Ayodhaya, the capital of King Rama. The word “Ayodhaya” is the former capital of Ayutthaya in the regin of King Rama.

The Ramakien is very popular in Thailand and other Southeast Asian Nations. Thai arts are fill with the Ramakien or Ramayana. The word “Rama” in the English language for titles of the Kings in the present chakri dynasty.

source :: Toruist Guide to Thailand book.
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