Pepsi Thailand World Foot Volley Tournament

Pepsi Thailand World Foot Volley Tournament

Footvolley comes to town

Here’s a chance to see first hand in Bangkok how footie skills can apply to volley ball.

While it doesn’t grab headlines in the sporting press, footvolley should stimulate our imagination as to its pedigree and origin. Now, courtesy of Pepsi Cola we can see for ourselves how this sporting spectacle compares with the traditional volley ball. 

Proponents of the game point out that footvolley can be played by people of all ages, and was selected as a demonstration event at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

The first ever Pepsi Thailand World Foot Volley Tournament will be played out in downtown Bangkok, 30 to 31 May, at the Central World’s outdoor activity arena.

The competition will include teams from South America, Europe and Thailand.

According to the organisers, international football stars have been invited to attend the tournament to entertain the audience with a VIP demonstration match at the Outdoor Arena at Central World – a mega shopping complex in the heart of Bangkok.

Organised by the Footvolley Association of Thailand (FVAT) the tournament will feature eight professional teams, with sides from Brazil, Spain, France and Portugal lining-up against four Thai squads. The event is sanctioned by the Federation Internationale de Footvolley (FIFV) and forms part of the Footvolley World Tour 2009.

These so called world championships have been held since 2004 starting in Brazil. Thai foot volley players participated in that tournament and the following year in Spain.

Footvolley was established on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro and has quickly grown on to become a highly popular beach sport around the world. It was first introduced to Thailand 2003 and strangely gained its roots in Loei, a northern town surrounded by mountains and far from the Gulf of Thailand beach resorts.

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