"Paddle surfing forest. Find a bug by the fresh water tortoise shell perforated 4 "unpleasant at Tung Luang

"Paddle surfing forest. Find a bug by the fresh water tortoise shell perforated 4 "unpleasant at Tung Luang

Invite for Event Open Season ecological tourism. Boat explore nature. Central Forest Tung Luang unpleasant for the "bug riddled distinctly fresh water" (Fresh Water Jelly Fish) living dinosaur age before miracles. To survive to be found today. The one found in Thailand, and the 5 of the world that could Found during March to May.

Nature study path. View map and bug riddled the only fresh water in Thailand Tung Luang National Park to be unpleasant. It will begin in early March. The study is intended to promote ecosystem conservation and tourism promotion. Format event will include activities to promote learning. "Youth Camps tend forest moss Mea Na" held at Wat Nong Nong T. Mae Na Mon Tue deal Petchaboon Festival opening event. "Paddle surfing forest. Find a jellyfish as the 4 "within a period of Nitrrs to know about. "The ecological tourism of cataract Bagrahan" and "legendary military hero courage to get along" school parent Mea Na T. Nong Nong Mae na Mon Tue deal phetchabun

TAT Northern Office Region 3 invites visitors interested in viewing spot plum freshwater insect visits is difficult to find in the world and Thailand at Ban Nong Mae Bagrahan cataract na Petchaboon Mon Tue deal since the end of the month Kumpa ธ์. the end of May 2552 For more information on the community forest lovers Nongbon Mae Na Nongbon Sunflowers 58 Moo 6 T. Mae Na Mon Tue deal includes your mighty Petchaboon 67270 Tel 001-046-2166 Nrintrs equation ,086-214. -6,510 you call 087-198-6488 or happiness is fighting the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) office Phitsanulok Tel: 055-252-742-3. Fax .055-231-063 daily.
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